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1. What is the 'Format of Play' for my division? 

DIV A - 8 Singles Best of 5 * 501 

DIV B - 2 Pairs & 6 Singles Best of 5 * 501

DIV C - 2 Pairs & 6 Singles Best of 3 * 501

DIV D - 2 Pairs & 6 Singles Best of 3 * 501

*All Divisions - Straight Start - Double Finish

2. Where do I submit Competition registration forms?

A/O - Jane Germann, 31 Blakedown Road Linslade LU72XJ

3. When is the next Winter Awards night?

11th May 2024

4. How do I sign up another player?

Captains can request a Late sign-up by completing the form included within their winter pack.  Then place the form in a small envelope (one was provided in your winter pack) along with the required player fees, and then deliver to 'The Stag' pub for the A/O the 'LBDDL League Secretary' 

5. Can we order more trophies than the minimum 8 per team

Yes, please contact the Competition Secretary asap once the league tables confirm the Winners and or runners up. 

6. Where can I find a copy of the league rules?

Navigate here to the RULES 

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