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Leighton Buzzard and District Darts League

(Affiliated to the British Darts Organisation)

CONSTITUTION (September 2018)

  1. NAME


The name of the League shall be Known as: -




(hereinafter known as the League).



To promote the playing of Competitive Darts for Member Teams within the Leighton Buzzard District by means of: -

a) Competitive League(s)

b) Individual and Team Competitions



All teams accepted into the League will be at the discretion of the League Committee, who in doing so, shall take into consideration the geographical location, playing facilities, and relative playing strength of such teams.



To register with the League, Member Teams and Players shall pay such entry fees as a General Meeting of the League may, from time to time, determine.



The Offices of the League shall consist of: -


The Chairman

The Vice Chairman

The League Secretary

The Competition Secretary

The Treasurer

Ladies League Secretary

Minutes Secretary

Stage Manager




The management of the League shall be invested in an Executive Committee, consisting of the Officers as mentioned in Clause 5 plus: -

At least six committee members to form the committee. Each officer/ executive committee member shall have full voting power on all matters except the Chairperson. In the event of the numbers of votes being equal, the chairperson then has the casting vote’. At the discretion of the Chairman, voting on matters of a controversial nature may be decided by Ballot among those members of the Committee present.


At the discretion of the Executive Committee, Ex Members of the Executive Committee may be accorded the position of VICE PRESIDENT.

A register of such Vice Presidents MUST be maintained and a TWO THIRDS majority of the Executive Committee is required.

Vice Presidents will not be allowed a Vote at an Executive Committee meeting and may not hold Office whilst a Vice President.



  • The Executive Committee shall have full control of the with the powers to approve the appointments of Sub-Committees from within their own body, and for special objectives to Co-opt other members of the League onto these committees where necessary.


  • The Executive Committee shall have the power to introduce such measures as it may consider necessary for the good government and order of the League. Any such measure be circulated to all member teams.


  • Any member may cease to be a member of the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee by giving Seven days’ notice in writing to the Chairperson. The Executive Committee shall have the right, for good and sufficient reason, to terminate the membership of an individual member of that Committee or Sub-Committee. The individual has the right to be heard by the Executive Committee before a decision is made.


  • The Executive Committee shall meet on such occasions as may be deemed necessary but times per annum. Seven days’ notice of such meetings shall be given whenever possible. One third of the Executive Committee shall form a Quorum at meetings of that Committee of which at least must be officers of the League.


  •  A record of minutes shall be kept by the minute’s secretary and the chairperson shall maintain therein, a record of all proceedings and resolutions.


  • Executive / Committee positions should be held for the duration of the forthcoming Winter and Summer leagues from when voted in at the AGM.


  • If any Executive / Committee member fails to attend consecutive meetings, the Chairperson must write to the member asking of their intentions. This could lead to the individual being asked to step down.


a) ALL monies raised by or on behalf of the league shall be applied to the furtherance of the league.

b) The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finance of the League.

c) The Accounts shall be Audited at least once a year by AUDITORS who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

d) An audited statement of the accounts for the Last financial year shall be submitted by the Executive Committee to the Annual General Meeting.



The Annual General Meeting of the League of which TWENTY-ONE days’ notice shall be given shall be held within TWO months of the end of the FINANCIAL YEAR.

Only Member Teams for the FORTHCOMING WINTER SEASON are eligible to Cast Votes at the meeting. Voting is to be restricted to ONE vote per TEAM and is to be by means of Cards issued upon attendance to a registering member of that team. NO PROXY voting will be allowed.

The AGENDA for the Annual General Meeting shall include: -


  1. To read and accept the minutes of the previous AGM.


2.  To approve the Audited Accounts for the Proceeding Year.


3.  To appoint Tellers.


4.  To Elect the Officers of the League.


5.  To Elect at Least members of which at least shall be to serve on the Committee.


6.  To vote on any proposed amendments to: -





All amendments MUST be in Writing to the League Secretary FOURTEEN Days Prior to the Meeting.

The notice calling the meeting shall be posted to member teams.



An Extraordinary General Meeting for which SEVEN clear days’ notice MUST be given may be called upon receipt by the League Secretary of:

  • A requisition signed by than Member Teams.


  • An order of the Executive Committee.


The request for the Extraordinary Meeting shall state the business before the meeting. NO OTHER business shall be transacted save that specified in the Notice calling the meeting.



No alterations shall be made to this Constitution Except at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting called specifically for that purpose. NO ALTERATION shall take effect unless it is confirmed by a TWO THIRDS MAJORITY of those voting.

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